Hex Airbrush Stencil

Want to take your models to the next level, but don't want to spend the time on free handing? Enter airbrush stencils! Stencils allow you to easily add patterns to your models. 

 Stencils are made of lightweight, flexible material and can be used multiple times! Stencils are approximately 3" x 5". This item contains 1 sheet of four hex stencils, useful for models of many sizes. 

How to Use: Ensure that model has been properly prepped. If you are planning on using a stencil make sure you wash all mold release off of models! Allow primer and base colours to cure before applying any stencils. Paint takes 24-48 hours to fully cure. Carefully position stencil, getting it as flat to your model as possible. Careful positioning of the stencil will get you the best results! Spray with airbrush. Allow paint to dry and slowly peel off your stencil. Ta-da! 

Like this stencil, but need a different size or want a different pattern? Just drop us a message! We can create custom stencils for you up to 12" x 12"!

Type: Stencil

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