DIY Creeper Kit

Looking to add a detailed touch to a display piece? These DIY Creepers could be just the thing. They do an excellent job simulating vines and creepers of all sorts.  This kit comes packed with enough supplies to make enough creepers to cover a large surface area. The vines are quite flexible and easy to work with.

This kit comes unassembled. To use, please see assembly instructions below. DIY Creepers are quite delicate, and are best suited to use on display pieces.

Assembly Instructions
1. Lay creepers out on parchment paper, or similar.
2. Gently coat with white glue. (Other types of glue also work, but white will give you the best results.)
3. Dredge vine through flock.
4. Leave to dry.
5. Touch up vine with additional glue and flock if needed.

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